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LiteBlue United States Postal Service

LiteBlue USPS is here to help you to communicate faster and stay connected. It's packed with the information you want about career development, revenue and service performance, products, recognition — you name it. You also have secure access to Postal Ease through LiteBlue to check, and during open season, change your benefits selections.

PostalMedia Agency

PostalMedia is the most effective way to have your brand seen and heard. Over the years, the agency has earned more than one billion media impressions for brands and services including the USPS. As a digital marketing company, PostalMedia's video and digital marketing services include being the most creative studio within liteblue usps login

Popular Online Job Boards

The year 2016 saw a tremendous amount of job growth in the online job board sector. Demand is high in all areas of human resource, in companies of all sizes, all industries and all locations. But, for job boards to thrive in this environment, they need to be able to show a strong pipeline of opportunity. If you are an HR professional looking to find out about new opportunities in the industry, this is a great place to start.

Office of Personnel Management

The Office of Personnel Management has an employment database, known as Job Openings and Labor Turnover, or JOLLiT. Job Openings and Labor Turnover is a unique database that contains information about all vacant positions for federal agencies and their respective job classifications. The database was created under the Federal Employer Interview Rules of 1979. JOLLiT has been a part of the Federal government for many years. The purpose of this system is to help federal agencies gain information about what is available within their own ranks to ensure an open and competitive hiring process.

You can access this real-time interactive portal from any web browser, and it offers automatic sign-in through Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. At checkout, you'll choose your delivery service and mail area preference. We've heard you and here's why — before you can select any delivery location, you have to log in and select a signature mail slot.

Well-known product names and addresses are associated with your account. When you go to check your mail, you can select the carrier or service that you have a relationship with, and when you place a delivery notice you'll be able to see the carrier address, address validation number and anticipated delivery date.

Mail and packages will be delivered to the right address and arrive as expected. Through PostalEASE, you can check your account balance, view recent notices, apply a change of address request, and view shipping status. And there's more. To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we'll offer a 25% discount on base rates for each of the next two months for Priority Mail and First Class Mail Service if you select postalert for the payment method.

The Mini Book

In addition, get more information on how to download business packages from the PostalEASE store and set up the appropriate resources for your team or client.

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