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Touchdown Movers In Calgary

Touchdown Movers In Calgary

Touchdown Mover’s is Calgary’s affordable moving company. Their movers have years of experience, are reliable & efficient, and take pride in a job well done to make your move stress-free and affordable. Their rates may be cheap, but they always deliver high-quality service that’s never compromised

Calgary’s Touchdown Movers offers a wide range of moves. From small family moves to individual moves of apartments, they have the facilities to handle any kind of moves. The company has a friendly team of moving professionals that are dedicated to providing top-notch services at budget-friendly rates.

Besides Calgary, the company has a wide network of moving professionals in British Columbia. As the number of moves that they execute keeps on increasing, the company has developed a user-friendly website to handle and manage all kinds of customer queries. In a recent announcement, the company’s marketing team said that they’re now planning to offer the movers in Lethbridge, Saskatchewan as well.

Touchdown Movers Makes Moving Easy

Touchdown Mover’s operations are carried out by professional movers, they offer high-quality services and they’re always on time. Their Calgary Movers offers special moves that are designed for a hassle-free move that leaves a positive impact on the future life of their clients. They say that their ‘touchdown movers’ give their clients ‘second chances’ after they’ve done a move that was either disappointing or uneventful. Their customer service team is always ready to solve any kind of customer queries and help customers to understand the reasons of the move.

With Touchdown Mover’s unique move plan, you can get cost-effective movers for your best quality move at affordable rates. So what are you waiting for? Book your best moving companies now to make your move stress-free and secure

Touchdown Mover’s are rated as Calgary’s fastest movers. With the reliable Calgary drivers, their services are suitable for all customers, regardless of the size of the move, size of your belongings or the size of your budget.

Reliable & Expert Move

Touchdown Mover’s have the reputation of being some of the best movers in Calgary. Their movers will use only professional moving boxes for the safe delivery of your items, no matter the size of your move or the amount of things you’re moving.

Dealers In Canada

The Moving Experts in Calgary are licensed and insured. They take great pride in their work, therefore, customers have to be satisfied. Touchdown Mover’s move quickly, efficiently and with great care for all customers.

Some questions to ask before hiring a moving company

1. They should be prompt with their quotes, but you should also ensure that they do a quality job at a reasonable cost

2. Can they do a quote within a reasonable time? – It is a common misconception that a moving company can’t quote for a week or more because they are not staffed 24/7. If they are available within a couple of hours after the first request, they would usually do it.

3. When they say that they’ve quoted for a month, tell them that you are more than willing to pay in instalments. There are some companies who provide quotes for months in advance, but they are generally priced higher than what you can pay in instalments

4. Also, some companies charge a transfer fee of up to 5% to move heavy items. Ask how much transfer fees are charged before they quote. In general, the larger the size of the item, the higher the fees.

5. If you’re transferring from one city to another, it’s best to get quotes from companies with a wide footprint

Other moving companies

You can also rely on other companies to help with your moving process. There are companies that specialize in moving condos, apartments, office equipment and other items. For heavy, bulky items, it’s best to hire a reputable company. You may choose one of the following companies, with their prices and experience in handling moving service:

Stepping Stone Moving is a reputable, professional moving company that offers a variety of moving services to help families move from one place to another. Their staff is professional and punctual, with an excellent record of service.The Mini Movers is a well-established moving company in Calgary that offers affordable, quality moving services to help you move any items from one place to another. Their moving services are certified by BBB, ICMA, TUV, and EPL.

Silvermoving is a local moving company that specializes in moving condo units and apartment units.Moving On is a company that specializes in heavy duty, high-tech & furniture movers. They also provide fire, water and power supply moving services.

All a city resident has to do is choose his movers, book them a quote, and get a moving crew to help with the process. After they move the stuff, you’re left with a great end-product to show for it, in the form of a clean, safe and organized new home. So, say goodbye to the hassle of moving on your own and say hello to moving with Touchdown Movers Calgary.

Getting the value of your investment

Consider what you paid for the house, and remember that moving should cost you what you pay for it. Now, look at what you’re going to spend the same money on, for moving the same stuff, in one or two moves. It’s more money that you need to spend, for the same stuff. For instance, if you move a 250-square foot apartment to a condo, you will spend around $900 to rent a U-Haul truck for one hour. That doesn’t include other expenses like loading or unloading. At the end of the day, you might be spending more on a good moving company than on a little apartment.

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